Client Love!

"Asian Mike Photography was recommended to me by a model friend of mine. I was looking to get a few professional photos taken of myself for an art project. Because I am an artist myself, it was important to find a photographer who shared my creative vision. After looking through Mike's work, I was in awe of his eccentric style. During the shoot he pertains a professional image as well as caring great energy. I found the total experience amazing and the photos were absolutely stunning. I can say I got more than I had hoped for. I would recommend AMP to anyone craving an artistic and creative edge to their photos." - Erica

"I would recommend Asian mike photography. He is very professional has all the right equipment. I was surprised with. The location he. Picked. Turned out very nice. Favorite part of the shoot was working with mike. He knows what he wants and shows you where he needs. You. He is very hands on instead of just explaining to the model what he. Needs." - Jennifer


"Michael Esser was kind hearted and not bossy in any way. He knew the kind of photo he was trying to achieve and was very knowledgeable so he knew how to go about obtaining excellent results. Nothing really surprised me and he made me feel really comfortable around him. Of course I would recommend him to anyone that is going for a professional level of photography. My final photos were excellent and if I lived closer, I'd insist on more shoots." - Chelsea

"My favorite part of the shoot was all the different locations we went to, it was like a little adventure. What surprised me was the lengths Mike would go to get the perfect shot, even if it meant dangling off of a ladder. I already recommend him to anyone and everyone! The final photos came out so beautiful, to be honest I was blown away just by the raw photos. The way Mike is able to capture light in such an angelic manner takes my breath away!" - Ashley

"I had the pleasure to work with Asian Mike for a personal photo shoot and was impressed with his utmost professionalism and passion for his art. He would do whatever it took to get the perfect shot - even if that meant potential injury on his part to make sure he got the best angle possible. I've already referred friends who were impressed with the shots he had done for me" - Cindy 

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